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Venue Policies

Clean-up, Broom Clean:

  • Clients are responsible for taking out/putting away or moving back in place whatever you personally brought in/moved including all decorations and items used to hang them, items in cabinets, kitchen, refrigerator (like camping – pack in, pack out, leave not a trace).
  • Broom Clean:
  • Everything is wiped down
  • Trash/recycling/compost bagged and placed by the fridge for take-out
  • Boxes broken down
  • Floor swept, etc.
  • Anything left behind including items in the kitchen and/or refrigerator will accrue a $50 fee for disposal.


  • Setting up and tearing down of tables and chairs, as well as any decorating/undecorating of space, is the responsibility of the client (unless prior arrangements are made with Venue Management for room set-up to be done before your arrival) and must be done within the rental timeframe.
  • The space must be “left as you found it”. This includes:
  • Bar area & cabinets
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Vault Room & Green Room area
  • Coat closet
  • Storage areas
  • Stage and sound booth
  • Removal of all decorations and what was used to hang them
  • Removal of all personal items
  • A Room Breakdown Charge $50/hr (minimum 1 hr) will be charged for the venue staff to clean up.

Lost & Found:

  • Venue is not responsible for any items left behind but does keep a Lost & Found Box onsite to hold left items for a period of time before donating to Goodwill.


  • Only blue painters tape or removable Command brand hooks can be used on walls – no duct tape, packing tape, double sided scotch tape, masking tape or anything screwed into the walls or ceiling allowed unless pre-approved by Venue Manager.
  • Nothing can be used on Mural Wall in front of stage (and side paneling) as it is a historical painting with old paint that comes off easily.
  • All string, wire, fishing line, tape used to hang decorations inside and out must be removed at the end of the event to avoid any Room Breakdown Charges ($50/hr, 1 hr min).
  • Any damage done to walls or ceiling due to decorations will be assessed a Damage Fee to correct.
  • Glitter and confetti of any kind or size are not allowed ($250 clean-up charge).
  • Tealight candles ok in non-leakable containers only. Flames must be fully contained.

Puke Fee:

  • $250 for cleaning of any vomit due to overconsumption.

Linens, flatware, cutlery, glassware, and all other place settings and serving items:

  • We have linens and wine glasses to rent with prior arrangement.
  • All other items will need to be brought in by clients or their caterers.